Interview: Shadow Monster

Last week, Left Bank had the pleasure of premiering the new album from Shadow Monster—an angsty and loud two-piece from Bushwick, Brooklyn. Lyrically, Shadow Monster explores themes of loss, depression, and isolation, so…



Interview x Kate Koenig, Suicide Nights Founder

Suicide Nights is an NYC-based music and comedy show—founded by Kate Koenig— that strives to normalize the topic of mental health through black comedy and introspective music. As mental health is a…


Interview: Frankie Cosmos

Words: Tracey A. As a lead up to Frankie Cosmos‘ album Close It Quietly (out Sept 6. on Sub Pop), we sat down with Greta Kline to discuss the new album, common themes and whether…

The only person Caroline Calloway is scamming is herself

Three weeks ago, I had no idea who Caroline Calloway was. Like most of you, I was busy living my actual life in New York, not socially following around an influencer online.…

Instagram Silences Model for Calling Out Predatory Photographer

I have been following the recent story against the famous celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde (who has worked with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande) and Los Angeles-based model Sunnaya, who…


London Calling: A Column

Prom, Tinder and Taxes