Interview x Kate Koenig, Suicide Nights Founder

Suicide Nights is an NYC-based music and comedy show—founded by Kate Koenig— that strives to normalize the topic of mental health through black comedy and introspective music. As mental health is a…


Instagram Silences Model for Calling Out Predatory Photographer

I have been following the recent story against the famous celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde (who has worked with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande) and Los Angeles-based model Sunnaya, who…


Giungla // Better Than Ever

Italian born artist, Giungla (Ema Drei) has written the perfect anthem for modern day women. While you might think that’s a huge claim to make — just wait, we will explain. Her…

Sandy vs. Serena in Today’s Episode of Racial Profiling

This may come as a shock to some but while it is a known fact that black men are constantly racially profiled, so are black women — more often than you think.…


London Calling: A Column

Prom, Tinder and Taxes



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