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GRAACE // Go Have Fun At Your Party

GRAACE // Go Have Fun At Your Party


Australian songstress GRAACE has successfully captured what love and dating is like in your mid-twenties/early thirties. The Sydney-based artist says ‘go have fun at your party’ implying that she’s stopped caring about the object of her affection; until he calls back later and she’s too sloppy drunk to appease him. It happens all the time.

“Got me dialing 911 can you come save me … did I let you down again, did I go crazy?”

How many times have we met people that we’ve been interested in, and felt that we’ve ruined the whole thing before it could ever really get solidified. It begs the question whether we really wanted it in the first place, or if we were just looking for a good story. Perhaps it was a bit of both. That was 28 for me. And 29. Tbh, it still happens.

“I’ll be sitting here sipping on thoughts of your body.”

Sooner or later we will learn how to have sober, healthy relationships. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Image by Ash.Lim
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