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The Tissues // My Body My Mind

The Tissues // My Body My Mind

It seems like 2019 was the year (once again) of rich, senseless white men trying to bring their countries into a fascist state of misinformation and total control. One of the many ways that this came to a head this year was with the US abortion ban and subsequent protests to ensure that it wasn’t passed. Over here, we launched the feminist site High Street Disco (where we are still roaring and bra-burning); over at our sister site Left Bank Magazine, we had a few women and non-binary musician showcases in NYC and guess what, we aren’t stopping.

Which brings me to the ultra-punk rock track “My Body My Mind” by LA-based band The Tissues. With lines such as, “redefine gender lines / my choice all human rights / fuck the wall stand tall / to the ones that say we’re small,” The Tissues makes no effort to hide their disgust and anger with what was—and still is—going on in our country.

My body my show
Don’t touch no means no

All proceeds from Bandcamp single sales of “My Body My Mind” went to The Tissues is a perfect example of why Left Bank exists and what we can do as a community to empower each other and mobilize to fight an archaic system.

Influenced by Pylon, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Make-Up etc., The Tissues released their debut LP Veil in 2017, and in December 2019 they released their second LP, Blue Film—recorded at Hububaloo Studio in Fullerton, CA and mixed by Colin Knight.

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