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Brooke White // Be Good

Brooke White // Be Good

If you’re looking for a song to instantly brighten your day, look no further than “Be Good,” the upcoming single from Season 7 American Idol finalist Brooke White. “Be Good” is featured on White’s newest album Calico where her indie-pop/folk-pop roots intersect with her Arizonian/Californian country-twang to create a truly serendipitous record. 

“Be Good” is the 10th track on Calico—short for California Country—and was written by White for her children. At its core, the song is an anthem for self-love, kindness, and perseverance, communicating how the world isn’t isn’t so “black and white,” but rather filled with obstacles that you must try your best to get through. White’s vocals float effortlessly along the soft strums of guitar and upbeat backing track that gives the song its light and easy momentum.

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Here's the cover for the CALICO ALBUM (out on Oct 4)!!! Growing up in Arizona it was all about 90’s country radio… I was either listening to Shania Twain & Dixie Chicks on my boombox or my parents old Linda Ronstadt and Carpenters tapes in the Aerostar van. You could say Reba and George were equally as influential on my music as Carole and James. While my post idol album “High Hopes and Heartbreak” was a throw back singer-songwriter record, there were songs like Little Bird, When We Were One and Smile that definitely blurred that country line and foreshadowed a future sound. Those tunes felt so natural to sing that I knew a record full of those kind of songs was the next step… and so I started down the country road way back in 2010 co-writing a stack of songs. But then there was some detours and twists and turns. Long story short, I started an indie band (jack + white) , a YouTube channel (@thegirlswithglasses), then had a couple beautiful babies (London + sonny) and it was a “times and seasons” thing. Here we are almost a decade later, this was my season to finally make the country record. I had it in my heart to make it in Nashville… but after trying and trying to get there with a kid in kindergarten and a toddler in tow, it seemed like God had a different plan. After 16 years here in L.A., this is where my roots run deep so i felt called to bloom where I was planted… so at the start of 2018 I stepped away from the piano, picked up a guitar and started writing my story right at home in, and then found myself in a studio an hour south on 101 in Echo Park with my producers and co-writers Eric Straube @youngclassic & @chrisqualls, and together we spent the year crafting the rest of “CALICO” along with 11 more California country jams. We found a sound & a feeling that was inclusive of all those influences but with a fresh dose of the modern coast resulting in the most fun thing I’ve done musically to date. Get ready to dance. Turns out I was right where I needed to be to make the country record I’ve always wanted to make and I love it ☀️ (Cover Photo by @kat_borchart)

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Mistakes, you know I’ve made em
Heartaches, I know how they hurt
Some days you might forget
Who you are

So be good to someone
Be good to yourself
And always be
The best you can

Not only is “Be Good” a wonderful track for her children, White’s moving lyrics, uplifting message and the overall Californian vibe that permeates with every beat is something we could probably all benefit from, especially when the going gets tough (which, as we all know, it often does). 

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