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Caitlin Sierra // Feelin’

Caitlin Sierra // Feelin’

I’m beginning to realize I’ll probably never be as cool as Caitlin Sierra’s vocals sound. With just over 5,000 Instagram followers and 782 monthly Spotify listeners, the young contemporary hip-hop singer is a hidden gem. Her voice is like syrup, something dipped in sugar, and then dribbled on top of a hazy track of hip-hop goodness. Her latest single, “Feelin’” perfectly captures the kind of richness I’m talking about.

“This was always meant to be,” Sierra slowly and softly sings at the song’s opening, the repeated line building up like a wave before it crashes on the shore. Like a switch, Sierra flips between sultry runs, a dreamy falsetto, and rhythmic spoken-word lines. The lyrics are a plea, calling out to someone and the torrent of emotions contained within that relationship. Comparing the situation to the depth and rush of the sea, Sierra sings: 

Swimmin in your feelings / Water deep like oceans / Watch me dive in waves crashing slow motion

She continues in the chorus: 

Don’t let go of this feelin’ / Cause your love it holds the deepest of meaning / And your soul it lights the darkest  of visions / So you know we can’t let go of this feelin

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But don’t get it twisted, “Feelin’’ isn’t a sad song (so don’t add it to your cry playlist). Despite the heavy-ish lyrics, this is a song that, to me, produces a vibe more than anything else (and sometimes, we just have to vibe, you know?). Overall, “Feelin’” is the kind of track to put on late at night in a dark room muddled by the soft-glow of some colorful string lights. It’s the kind of song that will either make you think about someone in particular, or have you hard-focused on its simple, yet strong sound. 

Regardless, I can guarantee that Sierra will have you feeling some type of way.

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