High Street Disco was created at 7 a.m., the day after the world went into an uproar over the U.S. abortion ban. Our site focuses on hard-hitting issues that affect feminists and self-identifying women — while making these topics and opinions largely accessible.

We feature interviews and profiles on self-identifying women (starting with those in New York and London), sex articles — from consensual sex pieces to rape exposés, health pieces primarily focused on reproductive issues and mental health, opinion and op-ed opportunities from self-identifying women, feminists, and self-identifying men who wish to provide an alternate (and maybe opposing perspective), literary works — from essays to poetry, and resources/services for our audience.

We believe that feminism should be accessible (and dare we say it, even sexy) and that a site that caters to women doesn’t need to lack depth or solely cover fashion/dating.

Please send your pitches, resumes, and favorite Instagram handles to highstreetdisco@gmail.com cuz we can’t fight patriarchy alone.

We are part of Left Bank Media, LLC and proud.