While the jury deliberates, here's what we know about the Harvey Weinstein trial

Content Warning: This article mentions sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape On Friday, a prosecuter…

Stop using the coronavirus as an excuse to be racist

In France, the hashtag #JeNeSuisPasUnVirus has spread rapidly to counter racism.

Models demand respect, write letter to Victoria's Secret CEO

On February 1, The New York Times released a shocking report detailing the extensive sexual…

Today in Politics: Pelosi for President


Today in Politics: Trump Impeached


Read Trump's Unhinged letter to Nancy Pelosi

Thank you, next

Blackface at the Bolshoi Ballet
The Bolshoi Ballet's 100th season of Blackface

Blackface is still a thing?

Event: Blonde Artist Showcase [NYC]

Blonde Artist Management is an artist-centric boutique company based in NYC. They represent mostly female-identifying…

Instagram Silences Model for Calling Out Predatory Photographer

I have been following the recent story against the famous celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde (who…

Seen: Lyft Recognizes Pronouns

It’s about time.

Events (NYC): Femme Fatale 1 Year Anniversary Bash

Hosted, DJ’ed and curated by bisexual party kitten Jessica Louise Dye of local NYC surf-pop…

Abortion in America // Op-ed

I’m legitimately confused on how we can use terms like “America is the greatest country…

HSD is Here!

High Street Disco was created at 7 a.m., the day after the world went into…